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2014 Hillside Festival Poster

April 21, 2014
Hillside 2014 poster by Jamie Kapitain

2014 Hillside Festival poster. Artwork and poster concept by Jamie Kapitain. Design by LINDdesign.

The Hillside Festival lineup and artwork were launched last week. It’s my dream gig with a pencil replacing my Telecaster.

The poster celebrates the ability of music and the festival to lift the spirit of all attending – the audience, organizers, volunteers and performers. The instruments symbolize the music that lifts the bird, representing the community, high above the festival. Many of the instruments in the wings belong to different members of my family.

“If I were a bluebird, I’d sing all day.” – lyrics from Lindi Ortega’s song ‘Bluebird’

The bluebird is a songbird common around the festival area and has been a symbol of joy in countless songs. The Beach Boys sang “Bluebirds Over the Mountain’, Paul McCartney and Wings sang, “I’ll come flying through your door; And you’ll know what love is for; I’m a bluebird, I’m a bluebird”. Last summer at Hillside, Lindi Ortega, Canadian singer/songwriter, sang in her uplifting song ‘Bluebird’, “If I were a bluebird, I’d sing all day.” My 8-year-old daughter loves Ortega’s song and got to show a video of herself singing it when she met the artist after her performance at the festival.

My original concept sketch and a finished version depicting an osprey that was deemed too menacing for Hillside are below. Early sketching can be seen in my Sketches: Osprey and Bluebird post.

Thanks again to Marie Zimmerman and the Hillside Festival marketing committee and LINDdesign for a great collaboration. See you at the festival!

See the 2013 Hillside poster here.

Hillside Festival Concept by Jamie Kapitain

Hillside Festival concept sketch by Jamie Kapitain (2013).

'Hillside Festival Osprey' by Jamie Kapitain (2014)

‘Hillside Festival Osprey’ by Jamie Kapitain (2014)

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