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Study Painting: MacGregor Point, Lake Huron

March 2, 2013
‘MacGregor Point, Lake Huron – Study’ (2013) by Jamie Kapitain

‘MacGregor Point, Lake Huron – Study’ (2013) by Jamie Kapitain. Oil on canvas board, 10×8 inches.

Recently, the family went winter camping at MacGregor Point on the southeast shore of Lake Huron. We spent days skating between rocks on the windswept shore and nights in a warm yurt. This study painting was created from photographs taken as the sun went down and snow clouds moved in off of the lake. To the left was the forest where we had our camp and to the right was open water.

If you are wondering what a yurt is, I managed to do a quick sketch of our yurt before my fingers froze (below). It was equipped with bunk beds, a heater and we all slept well. MacGregor Point is a beautiful spot and I highly recommend spending a night in a yurt listening to the wind.

'MacGregor Point Yurt' (2012) by Jamie Kapitain

‘MacGregor Point Yurt’ (2012) by Jamie Kapitain. Pencil and watercolor.

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