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A Week in Santa Fe, New Mexico

December 13, 2010

In November, I spent a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city that boasts over 150 art galleries. My plan was to survey the art, hike the high desert around Santa Fe and return rejuvenated and inspired to my Guelph studio. The trip was a success by all accounts and here are three highlights.

Studio visit with Michael Scott.

'A Bevy of Beauty' by Michael Scott, oil on panel 54 1/2 x 45 3/4 inches.

I visited artist Michael Scott’s beautiful home and studio just outside of Santa Fe. Michael was very generous with his time and over coffee, we discussed the state of the art world and career strategy. He showed me his impressive art collection and I was fortunate to be the first to see his recent study paintings for a new series. It is going to be very exciting work when it’s complete. Michael Scott is represented by the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe.

Paintings by Lynn Boggess at Evoke Contemporary Gallery.

'30 September 2010' by Lynn Boggess, oil on canvas, 40x34 inches.

I found Lynn Boggess ‘ paintings at the Evoke Contemporary gallery and was blown away. Using palette knives and cement trowels on location, Boggess has captured the experience of being in the woods like few others. He had done three paintings just outside of Santa Fe while in town for the opening and I could still smell the wet paint in the gallery. I look forward to seeing more of these paintings in the future.

New Mexico History Museum.

We have lived upon this land from days beyond history’s records, far past any living memory, deep into the time of legend. The story of my people and the story of this place are one single story. No man can think of us without thinking of this place. We are always joined together.

Visiting the New Mexico History Museum in downtown Santa Fe, I was greeted with the above quote by a Taos Pueblo Elder in the ‘Telling New Mexico Stories’ exhibition . My paintings are fueled by an interest in our relationship with the landscape and this moving quote captures it’s importance. The exhibit covers 500 years of stories about Santa Fe from pre-colonial to present times and is filled with artifacts, photographs and video. Santa Fe has endured a tumultuous past to remain a culturally rich city.

I highly recommend a visit to Santa Fe to take in the galleries, enjoy the restaurants and hike the stunning desert canyons. See a selection of my sketching in New Mexico to get a glimpse of hiking near Santa Fe.

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