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I’m on Instagram!

September 8, 2016



I haven’t posted on my blog lately because I’ve been sharing my sketches, drawings and paintings on Instagram. It’s quick, easy and all the kids are using it. You can see my work here.

Sketch: Common Merganser

April 25, 2016

‘Common Merganser’ (2016) by Jamie Kapitain, ink, watercolor, acrylic on paper.

Walking to the office last week, I spotted this bird on the Speed River. The river, visible from my office when there are no leaves on the trees, is a well-travelled route for many birds including geese, ducks, and even a bald eagle.


‘Common Merganser’ (2016) by Jamie Kapitain, ink on paper.

Sketch: Speed River Near Guelph Lake

February 5, 2016
‘Speed River Near Guelph Lake’ (2016) by Jamie Kapitain

‘Speed River Near Guelph Lake’ (2016) by Jamie Kapitain. Ink and watercolor. Click image to view larger.

Spend some time sketching on the banks of the Speed River near Guelph Lake last weekend in the unseasonably warm weather.

Drawing: On the Rocks, Bridal Veil Falls

November 27, 2015
'On the Rocks, Bridal Veil Falls' (2015) by Jamie Kapitain.

‘On the Rocks, Bridal Veil Falls’ (2015) by Jamie Kapitain. Graphite and watercolour.

Drawing: Soccer Player

October 28, 2015
'Soccer Player' (2015) by Jamie Kapitain

‘Soccer Player’ (2015) by Jamie Kapitain. Graphite and watercolor.

A mid-afternoon drawing of one of my kids flying with the ball upfield.

Sketch: Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island

August 24, 2015
'Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island' (2015) by Jamie Kapitain.

‘Bridal Veil Falls, Kagawong, Manitoulin Island’ (2015) by Jamie Kapitain. Ink and watercolor.

Drawing: The Folks in Mexico

July 22, 2015
'The Folks in Mexico' (2015) by Jamie Kapitain

‘The Folks in Mexico’ (2015) by Jamie Kapitain. Graphite and watercolour.

This drawing of my folks enjoying an ice cream on a hot afternoon in San Pancho, Mexico is an exploratory step towards a potential new painting.